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Code Seriously to Play. Not a game room like many others.

25+ Years Software Engineer Experience in multiple fortune 500 companies and startups. Former CTO of AI TRADE.

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Become a Code Monster

Unleash your coding potential at CODE MONSTERS.
Join us to conquer the realms of technology
and become a code monster.



Welcome to CODE MONSTERS – the coding learning center that sets a new standard. Unlike others, we don’t settle for high school student or college freshman lacking true software engineer experience to be the instructor. We believe in providing top-notch instruction from industry professionals who have mastered the craft. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you receive the highest quality education, guided by seasoned software engineers who bring their real-world expertise to the classroom. At CODE MONSTERS, we prioritize your success by offering a learning environment where knowledge meets experience.

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At CODE MONSTERS, we teach real programming languages and focus on computer science fundamentals. No dying languages or conceptual “Scratch” blocks here for years like elementary schools or other learning centers. Get ready to build logic, master data structures, and tackle real software engineering projects that prepare you for the future.

  • Go (Future leading language. Why?)
  • C#, JAVA
  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS,
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • BASH, Linux, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Python
  • Lua (No good. For few games only, narrow industries. Why?)
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At CODE MONSTERS, we believe that class size matters. Unlike other learning centers where classes can reach 25-100 students, our classes are intentionally kept small, with around 6-8 students and an additional techer’s assistant. Why? Because we prioritize individual attention and personalized learning. With a smaller class size, our dedicated instructors can effectively teach, answer questions, and closely track each student’s progress. We don’t believe in leaving students to play games or pretending to code. At CODE MONSTERS, we are here to code and play with purpose. Join us and experience the difference of focused learning, where your growth and success truly matter.

IT Programs

Code Monsters

Our students Code Monsters program is designed for young learners who are passionate about coding. We offer engaging and comprehensive courses that empower them to master coding languages, explore advanced concepts, and apply their skills to real-world projects.


Career Universe

Our Career Universe program offer targeted courses and practical experiences that prepare adult learners or college students for the IT industry. From front-end to back-end development, our training equips them with the necessary skills to excel in the ever-evolving tech landscape.


Business Universe

Our 1-on-1 private Business Universe program offer the business owner to learn the image editing, video editing, website building, online advertisement in quick lessons. We will be using your business as the teaching material, so you learn and build your business on the fly.

Flexible Package & Time

After the free trial, enjoy our special promotion price and continue your coding journey with CODE MONSTERS. Unlock your potential and secure a successful future in coding.

4 Lesson
(1 Month)

You’ll Get

  • Computer Provided
  • Physical 1-on-1
  • Monster T-shirt
  • Teaching in English
  • Basic Coding

12 Lessons
(3 Months)

You’ll Get

  • 5% Off
  • Computer Provided
  • Physical 1-on-1
  • Monster T-shirts
  • Teaching in English
  • Intermediate Coding

48 Lessons
(1 Year)

You’ll Get

  • 7% Off
  • Computer Provided
  • Physical 1-on-1
  • Snow Monster T-shirt
  • Monster T-shirts
  • Ice Monster T-shirt
  • Teaching in English
  • Advance Coding

Important Message
to the Parents

I started teaching because my children were the right age for programming. While studying in New York, I lived in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood where most computer science (CS) students were also Jewish. I remember my professor saying, “My child, who is your teaching assistant, was already programming chess games and algorithms at the age of 8.” It stuck with me that learning programming is never too early, only too late. Starting at 15 seemed a bit late compared to that. As a parent concerned about my children’s future, understanding how to plan ahead is crucial…

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